White Stonecrop

March 10th, 2012

Latin:  Sedum album

Irish:  Grafán bán na gcloch


This is a species that grows profusely on the walls surrounding the machinery yard at Castlewarden.

This is a species from a family called the Crassulaceae that has thick, fleshy leaves and are often referred to as “succulents”.  These plants are generally regarded as being super efficient in their use of moisture – a characteristic that enables them to thrive in very dry conditions.

White Stonecrop is not a native species and is probably a garden escape.  It is a small evergreen perennial that grows to a height of 7-15cm and has blunt, oblong-cylindrical, fleshy leaves that are shiny and often red-tinged.  It has white, 5-petalled flowers that are sometimes tinged with pink. Flowering occurs during June-September. It’s commonly grown on “green roofs” and also in rockery gardens and containers



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