During the course of observing, recording and identifying plants I have been most fortunate to have had access to many excellent publications (print and digital).  Some of these may be of interest to those anxious to explore beyond the scope of “The Flora of Castlewarden” and a selection of them are given below.

But, first and foremost, I must acknowledge two individuals for their generous help.  I must thank Diarmuid MacShane for encouraging me out of my comfort zone and into the world of Websites.  Without his selfless and expert assistance this website could not have come into existence.  I must also acknowledge Noel Herterich’s photographic advice and expertise.  He has contributed some of the photos used here but, needless to say, he is not responsible for any indifferent or less-than-perfect photos that you see.


Wildflowers of Ireland: a personal record” (2011) by Zoe Devlin. Publ. by The Collins Press, Cork.

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