March 17th, 2012

Latin:  Polygonum aviculare

Irish:  Glúineach bheag


This is a native species that occurs mainly in waste places, on roadsides and in arable ground.


It is an annual with slender, branched stems that may grow erect or remain prostrate (up to a length of about 70cm).  It produces small, inconspicuous, pink or white flowers from June onwards.

Although it has not been demonstrated in Ireland, scientific studies elsewhere have shown that this species produces substances (allelochemicals) through its roots that inhibit the growth of other plants – it produces natural herbicides !!


Generally it is not found in grassland but it does occur on the course in places where soil has been disturbed, e.g. at the east end of the mound in the practice area where soil has been excavated to build tee boxes, etc.

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