Common Mouse Ear

March 30th, 2012

Latin:  Cerastium fontanum

Irish:  Cluas luchóige mhara


Samples of this species were observed during the month of May at several locations including on right side of avenue just before the over-flow car park.  The plants were flowering at the time.

This native species is a mat-forming perennial with prostrate non-flowering shoots and erect flowering shoots that can grow to a height of 40cm.  It is adapted to several habitats: abundant in all types of grassland, waste places and cultivated ground.

It is often referred to as Mouse Eared Chickweed but in contrast with Common Chickweed (Stellaria media), the whole plant is very hairy and the leaves are oblong rather than egg-shaped.

It has small (8-15mm across) white flowers with 5 petals that are deeply split.


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