Broad Dock

March 10th, 2012

Latin:  Rumex obtusifolius

Irish:  Copóg shráide

This a close relative of Curled Dock and the twp species are alike in many respects.  However, Broad Dock, as the name suggests, has large, broadly oblong leaves in contrast with the more elongated leaves of curled dock.


In addition, this species does not have conspicuous curling along the edges of the leaves and it tends to come into flower about a month later than Curled Dock.  There are less apparent morphological differences in the flowers of the two species although, at first glance, the flowering structures of both species appear identical.

Both species of Dock are equally troublesome weeds the main difference being that Broad Dock is more usually a grassland weed while Curled Dock is more universal.

Specimens can be found in the Practice Ground and in areas of rough around the course.

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